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Diabetes patients must change habits to avoid angioplasty

Published on: 04-25-2012
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NEW DELHI: Seventy three per cent of diabetic adults in their productive age group in Delhi undergo angioplasty which is a result of uncontrolled diabetes, a survey has revealed .The survey was conducted by Delhi Diabetic Research Centre(DDRC) among 3200 uncontrolled diabetic patients in the 35-55 age group. Some 77 per cent (2464) were referred for coronary angiography test because they showed symptoms of coronary artery disease.

"The main aim of the survey was to ask people to understand the seriousness of the disease.Some have to go through angioplasty procedure because people do not get tests done as needed", said Dr Ashok Jhingan, Chairman, DDRC.

Interestingly, 73.2 per cent(1806) of patients who had evidence of coronary artery disease had to undergo PTCA(a type of angioplasty) whereas remaining 188 patients opted for alternative medicines. Dr Jhingan said unchecked and uncontrolled diabetes has the potential to block arteries and invite heart attacks.One proactive patient said he gets an HbA1c test done once in three to four months.This is a lab test that shows the average amount of sugar in the blood over a period
of three months.

Jhingan advises Type 1 diabetic patients to get tests done every fortnight. "Lipid profile should be tested every six months", said Jhingan.

The survey was conducted over a period of five years, from 2006 to 2011, amongst uncontrolled diabetic patients based on HbA1c readings. As per the study,77 per cent of the patients surveyed had HbA1c levels between 8.3-9.5 per cent.

Jhingan said, "There is a need to change the patient’s perception about the disease so as to avoid this epidemic of coronary artery disease.Regular exercise and change in food habits can have a preventive effect in the early stages of diabetes.Every diabetic patient should try to keep his HbA1c around 7 (preferably below 7) to save the heart and kidneys."

India is the world diabetes capital with over 50  million diabetics and projected to reach 101.2 million by 2030.Coronary heart disease prevalence is projected to increase from 36 million patients in 2005 to 62 million by 2015.

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